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    One of the most useful materials for a florist is Oasis. Straight forward and very easy to use material which helps to create beautiful flower compositions. Oasis is also known as a floral foam, as it is made out of light synthetic materials and has porous structure. Its main advantage lies in the fact that it can fully replace water. With the use of Oasis, it is possible to create complicated compositions, as floral foam can be easily shaped in any form. Flowers do not need to be tied or placed in a bowl with water, Oasis allows to place plants in variety of objects - baskets, cachepot, boxes. Oasis becomes especially relevant during the period of flower festivals. With its help florist are able to create enormous and breathtaking horizontal, vertical and suspended flower structures, which are only limited by our own imagination. In general, floral foam is sold in a shape of a brick, which can later be cut into a needed form. Before use Oasis should be put in a container filled with water. Floral foam can only be used after is has absorbed some of the water from the container. In general Oasis is used during flower festivals or at homes. What matters is that flower stems can stick out of Oasis under any wished angle, creating flower masterpiece. Oasis acts as a water source for plants for a long period of time. We offer not just an ordinary floral foam, but a material, that contains supplies for flowers. Special additives, that are already added to Oasis, helps to maintain the freshness of Flowers and dramatically extends their lifespan. Our Oasis has additional cutting lines that help during future processing. Floral foals differ in density. Tulips, ranunculus and wildflowers have thinner stems than for example roses, thus require material with a matching density. Flowers with solid stems in a soft foam won’t be able to hold its position and it will be quit hard to put thin stems in a dense Oasis. You can always buy Oasis at out store in Kiev or order online using our website. We offer Oasis in different shapes:




    Oasis in a frame

    Oasis for dry flowers

    Oasis on magnets or on a sticker

  • Tools for florist
  • Varnish,paint colors
  • Powder for colors
  • Extension cords
  • Wire
  • Caring for flowers
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