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  • Webbing textile

    Today we have the opportunity to purchase the most diverse and interesting elements for decoration, but the most popular ribbons. Their variety is amazing, and spheres of use extend from sewing to floristic skill. People at all times used ribbons to add refinement to the interior of the house, decorate a dress or hat, bouquet or gift box. Now ribbons are very popular in decorative art: they are used to decorate cards, notebooks, albums, envelopes, they are used to decorate souvenirs and gifts, decorate flower arrangements. To find the ribbons you need you should focus on where you will use them. Our shop offers textile and polypropylene tapes. The latter are most often used in floristics, because they are quite durable and moisture-resistant, do not succumb to the influence of external factors. The first ones are divided into repese, lace, brocade, velvet, but the most popular ones are satin. Are made of a material which has characteristic shine. Shining shimmering shimmer of this fabric attract and bewitch, make succumb to the magic of refinement. Satin ribbons are the most appropriate in bouquets. Their structure is dense enough to perform a mechanical function, and the appearance is as refined as possible to complete the composition. Beauty is in simplicity. The shiny outer surface of the fabric is conditioned by a special weave technique. You can buy satin ribbons in our shop, as well as on the site. They differ in width and color. Narrower expedient to use for durability of fastening, and wide - more suitable for a decor.
    We can find four types of sizes:
    Satin ribbon 0.5 * 22m;
    Satin ribbon 1.25 cm x 22 m;
    Satin ribbon 2.5 cm x 22 m;
    Satin ribbon 5 cm. * 30 м.
    The satin fabric arrived in Europe from ancient China, and only wealthy people could afford the products from it. However, with time there were various variations in the manufacture of the material, so today the atlas combines affordability and sophistication. Tapes from this fabric are mainly used for wedding bouquets, elegant floral compositions and gift boxes. Masters with the help of textile ribbons, in particular satin and lace, create unusual embroidery, accessories for hair and clothing, panels. Therefore, it is so important to have a wide range of shades to find the desired color. Our shop offers you such shades:
    Harmoniously combining shades is also an art. Here one should feel beauty and keep up with the world trends. We constantly follow the latest fashionable novelties and try to choose the most stylish colors for you. You can buy satin ribbons in Kiev at favorable prices in our shop. We offer the goods in retail and wholesale, also it is always possible to familiarise with assortment, to learn the prices and to make the order on our site.

  • Raffia
  • Tape polypropylene
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