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  • Paper

    Nothing is as exciting and impatient as waiting for the holiday. They say that such experiences give us a fairytale feeling. There are not so many important dates in life that are really worthy of attention. They are different for everyone, but most often people are looking forward to New Year and Christmas, Easter, Birthday of their loved ones. Such rare weddings and important anniversaries occupy a separate niche. All these holidays are an opportunity to meet and have a good time with friends and relatives, an opportunity to distract from the problems and be yourself. That is why they are so important for each of us. We want to do everything to make the holiday joyful. Very often such events are accompanied by different traditions, but the main attributes always remain gifts. Small symbolic objects that will remind us of a person. Therefore, preparing for the holidays, we select in advance special gifts that would suit our loved ones. We strive to hit the target, find something unusual, leave warm memories behind. And having picked up a good gift - so it would be desirable to present it successfully. This is helped by decor shops with a lot of different novelties. Wrap a box, add a signed postcard, tie a ribbon - all these are small rituals that add a piece of warmth to an ordinary object. We choose a gift paper for a long time for this or that holiday and reflect on the decor. Particularly atmospheric is the process of gift wrapping with children, for example, for New Year's Eve, when there is a thematic music and a sound of children's laughter around. You can buy decoration materials, including gift paper in bulk or retail on our website and in the shop. Choose what you need:
    New Year's Eve" series;
    Series "Children's";
    Abstraction and flowers" series;
    Series "Congratulations";
    Recorded paper;
    Coated paper;
    Double-sided paper;
    Paper with a sputtering;
    Kraft paper.
    In a congratulatory collection it is possible to find a paper with inscriptions for the birthday. The design with hearts will approach to Valentine's Day or to wedding. Some variants have a thematic autumn drawing, which is good for the first September holiday or Halloween. Spring designs with flowers are most often chosen by March 8 and Mother's Day. But the packaging with rabbits and chickens like to buy for Easter. Gift paper in rolls has different width, size and density. The latter varies from 60 to 80 grams per m2. The highest density of Kraft paper. You can buy gift wrapping in Kiev by visiting P. Pestela Street, 9 B. It is there that our shop is located, which is always glad to welcome new guests.

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  • Box

    Everything becomes much simpler and easier when you are sure what to give as a gift. After that there comes a pleasant moment of decoration of gifts. Here everything depends on the situation and personal desire. You can always buy a gift box or package without thinking about the design and style. However, if to approach business with creativity process becomes much more interesting. The variety of colors, shapes, textures attracts and fascinates. It is worth focusing on the preferences of the one who will receive your surprise. We can order boxes for gifts in advance - go to the site, choose the desired product and add it to the basket. You can also buy the product in the store - here you can view the colors and fine decoration of the packaging.
        But when you want to improve your own business and attract more customers, you can't do without novelties! Boxes for gifts in bulk will be the best solution. There is no need to overpay for retail, because we have a convenient system of discounts. In addition - you can quench your own desire for beauty, buying a lot of beautiful goods at once. You will not have to hesitate, but choose everything at once. But it is worth remembering that tastes are not disputed. Someone is a supporter of simple lines, soft colors and restrained design. While others - enthusiastically choose a box for a gift in bright colors and sequins. Therefore, it is so important to provide preferences of the largest possible category of people to know exactly - each of your customers will be satisfied.
      Nowadays, the most popular products are those made of ecological material, in particular Kraft boxes. The raw materials from which they are made - does not harm the environment and decomposes quickly, because it is based on natural wood. It is also convenient to buy sets of gift boxes. Most often there are sets of three boxes, different in size. All of them are made of dense cardboard and have different shapes. For gifts, mainly choose square and rectangular boxes. More original variant is round or polygonal form, also a box in the form of heart. For light gifts we offer boxes-transformers from thinner cardboard, which can be folded independently. They are easy to transport, because they do not take up much space. In total, you can find them on our website and in the shop:
    Square cardboard boxes;
    Boxes in the form of heart, handbags, trapezes;
    Translucent boxes;
    All of them have various designs and can be monotonous and with drawing. Buy boxes for gifts in bulk is convenient not only in the store, but also on our website. We deliver production in all corners of Ukraine and we try to do everything for your convenience.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 573 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 573 items
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